A C A D E M Y   Certified Data Protection Officer Training & Certification DPO / CIPP

Certified Data Protection Officer Training and Certification to become a certified Data Protection Officer CDPO / CIPP


DELTA Data Protection & Compliance ACADEMY

The DELTA Data Protection & Compliance Academy offers a comprehensive training program “Training and Further Education for Certified Data Protection Officers CDPO / CIPP”, to help participants become certified experts in data protection.

This official and qualified program follows the guidelines of Article 37 Paragraph 5 GDPR and consists of six in-depth online video lessons covering expert knowledge in data protection.

Participants can enroll at any time and will receive a certificate from the DELTA Data Protection & Compliance Academy upon successfully completing the course and passing the exam.

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DELTA Data Protection & Compliance is a competent team of experienced lawyers and certified specialists in data protection, compliance, and IT security, available to provide expert advice on all data protection and data security issues.

Upon certification, participants can work as external Data Protection Officers (CDPO / CIPP) or support their company internally as a competent data protection expert.

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Vulnerabilities in IT systems often form the basis for data drift or system failure. Inadequate IT security can cause significant costs. In our TOM audits (technical and organizational measures), our experts evaluate the safety-critical systems and processes in your company. The implementation of necessary measures is part of a comprehensive and sustainable management, on the one hand provides quickly required solutions, on the other hand always takes into account the company’s workflow.
The identified risks will be evaluated technically and legally in close consultation with your management. In case of emergency, such as a data breach incident, our experienced team of data protection officers will be there to help you with a quick resolution of the incident.

DELTA Datenschutz & Compliance is a specialized consulting company for privacy, data protection, IT security and compliance management.


Companies are required to comply with numerous compliance requirements to prevent fraud, money laundering, corruption and antitrust issues. The prerequisite for this is a compliance management system (CMS) that is tailored to the individual risks of a company. The goal of every CMS is to create transparency, minimize liability risks and ensure legal certainty for authorities. Compliance management is an important element of a sustainable corporate policy. Violations of compliance requirements can not only lead to high costs (fines, lost profits, etc.), but also permanently damage the corporate image.

Both preventive and repressive compliance techniques (such as pre-employment screening, big data analysis, whistleblower systems) must respect data protection limits. Compliance measures can be inadmissible if they interfere too much with the rights of the affected employees. Both in-house companies and business partners processing data on behalf of the company require clear access, access and access regulations, especially when data is transferred to third countries. T

The team of experts at DELTA Datenschutz & Compliance supports you in the implementation of a compliance management system, which on the one hand ensures adequate risk control mechanisms and on the other hand is compliant with data protection.

DELTA Datenschutz & Compliance is a specialized consulting company for privacy, data protection, IT security and compliance management.




Delta Datenschutz & Compliance offers tailor-made employee training tailored to the specific requirements of the company, in which employees and executives learn how to handle data safely and are sensitized in accordance with the latest legal requirements. Through the interactive training, the employees of our customers learn quickly which regulations are important and can memorize them through active participation.

Delta Datenschutz & Compliance data protection training courses comprise different building blocks that can be individually commissioned according to the specific needs and requirements of the company. We offer a broad range of trainings, from 1 hour get together, to 2 hours inhouse trainings, as well as 1 or 2 day(s) seminars crash courses.

Our Data Protection Officers are well-known experts within their field and are often lecturing as guest lecturer in diverse institutions, such as universities and companies, worldwide. If you wish to book one of our Data Protection Officers as a lecturer for one of your event please, contact us.


The team of experts at DELTA Datenschutz & Compliance analyze all data processing processes at your company, documenting and evaluating them from a legal and compliance perspective. They carry out a legal review of contracts, company agreements and internal guidelines. They also analyze security measures and identify potential threats and vulnerabilities.

An initial analysis involves jointly identifying and tracking the status quo and then assessing all privacy-related processes in your organization with final reporting.

As an external data protection officer, we will advise you on the basis of the results of the initial analysis, the development of a law-compliant data protection concept and take over the entire legally binding documentation for you.

DELTA Datenschutz & Compliance stands for competence and professional experience. A competent team of experienced lawyers and certified experts for data protection, compliance and IT security are at your disposal as external data protection officers.

DELTA Datenschutz & Compliance advises your company in all matters of data protection and data security and ensures that the legally binding provisions on data protection such like the new GDPR are implemented appropriately in your company.

As an external data protection officer, we provide your company with ongoing advice in all matters relating to data protection and data security.


Data protection is complex. Many companies do not know what data protection means and whether the new European or national data protection regulations apply to them.

Do you want to know if the new European data protection regulation GDPR also affects your company? Then contact us. We offer free initial counseling sessions and are happy to visit you.

With logical data protection concepts, we develop suitable solutions for your company so that you can continue to work on your corporate goals as usual. Do not be scared by the incomprehensible data protection provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act in Germany or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applicable from 25th May 2018 on. We take over all the data protection-relevant documentation for you.

We support you in the implementation of data protection, IT security and compliance management systems and offer you services tailored to your company.

The customers of DELTA Datenschutz & Compliance already include well-known companies within the startup scene and medium-sized companies.


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DELTA Datenschutz & Compliance is a specialized consulting company for privacy, data protection, IT security and compliance management.

DELTA Datenschutz & Compliance is your external Data Protection Officer.


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